New Members Welcome - Exeter

location for Exeter Labour Party, 26B Clifton Hill, Exeter, EX1 2DJ


September 05, 2015 at 10:30am - 12:30pm


Exeter Labour Party, 26B Clifton Hill, Exeter, EX1 2DJ

Tommy Sprague · · 0117 9729440
Sarah Eells Muriel Carrodus Jason Allan Ankers Michael John Ingram-Scott Max Power Alexander Courtney-tickle Marina Yvette Asvachin Lydia Gladstone Susan Sedgman Sharon Birch Keith Edwards Janice Horsman Timothy Browning Alexandra Jane Reid Suzanne Seaton Robert Reynolds Ruth Watkins Samantha Cox Louisa Schofield Livingstone Reid Ryan Traynor-Smith Polly Potter Dave Fuggle Saffet Temizbas Emily Dart
Sorry, this event is sold out.

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commented 2015-09-01 14:48:31 +0100
As a new member I’d love to attend, but assume it’s full. Also is there wheelchair access?
commented 2015-08-19 14:24:01 +0100
As live in Bideford North Devon find the time difficult to get there (60+) and haven’t a clue where it is had no notification how or where to get there so unsure if I’m invited or not? Disappointed as its so far away and don’t know the area find it very difficult as suffer with anxiety would of being good if transport would of being land on for a fee and would be better for people who have no transport or cannot travel there! Maybe also if could have something happen where I live it’s like hell here we never get anything go on yet pay the highest bills etc and have crap facilities nhs schools etc I used to live in West Midlands and was a member for many years as my brother who organised Red Wedge at venue I also lived in Redditch where my area was run by Jacqui Smith before she was in parliament it was a wonderful group of members and enjoyed being a member but since lived here and joined recently find Iv heard from no one to join fellow members or the venues are too far like Dorset or Bristol so really disappointed as I wanted to join activities and meet like minded labour supporters as I dislike the age of Facebook tweeting prefers to talk to a human being not email and text a machine or talk to a wrist watch what do you have to do to meet a human ???? Anyway hope my feed back gets listened to and can meet people and actually do something to help labour thankyou Alex Reid member L1292647
commented 2015-08-18 19:25:18 +0100
Unclear whether I can come or event is full (despite email saying there are extra places). If I can come please let me know
commented 2015-07-15 22:32:58 +0100
As a new member I am disappointed that the Exeter event is sold out. Surely, there are suitable venues available in Exeter
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Please RSVP: New Members Welcome - Exeter
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commented 2015-07-08 18:11:28 +0100
Hoping to be of help. Though we MIGHT get to One Nation (real equal partnership democracy) with the Tories upping the Minimum Wage over the next thousand years, our letting them win elections by moving just a little faster than the Tory press allows Labour to dare, MIGHT see – in NOT many more years – freedom to trample (for the 0.01%) costing us the Earth.
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Please RSVP: New Members Welcome - Exeter
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